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SONY DSCIMG_3038Amish Woman’s outfit – You receive a authentic Amish Pre-owned dress in your size and choice of color. You also get a matching white apron. You get a brand new, handmade, white head covering with strings (kapp) and pins and things to get your hair up and instructions on how to dress Amish. You get a pair of Black Knee Hi’ stockings $54 plus $9 shipping


Deluxe Woman’s outfit, all of the above with the addition of a black travel bonnet that goes over the white covering. Total outfit $59 plus $10 shipping

The Church Dress and apron . . . What would be appropriate to wear to Amish church

It is a full Dress set, like the deluxe, with cape and apron . . . PLUS a white apron and cape, two looks, one outfit! Comes with everything all the other outfits come with.

$44 plus $8 shipping


The Basic Amish Man’s Costume . . .

Barn door pants,  Brand new straw hat and a pair of suspenders and vest. All you need to go dutch!   I only have vests up to 44″   $52 Shipping $8

Deluxe Amish Man’s Outfit . . .

All the above but with the  addition of a coat instead of a vest. Absolutley stunning! $58 Shipping $10




Brand New Amish Straw Hat . . . Hand Made in Holmes Co. Ohio


Med-Large-X-large 21-24 inches


18$ plus Priority Shipping $6



Straw Hat


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Couples Outfits . . . Options

There are three choices of couples costumes to pick from . . .

 Here it is . . . Option 1: Your Basic Amish Couple Costume . . .

NOTE SIZES HAVE CHANGED! If your guy has a chest that measures more then 44″ you will need to go to the deluxe set . . . I am out of vests over 44′!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have men’s pants up to size 42 and vest size to 46   $100.00 Shipping $15 For Him . . .  Black Barn Door Pants, buttons no zipper! Very comfy I am told. (Not a button fly, they button across the front like a door!) A brand new pair of suspenders and a Brand New staw hat, handmade by the Amish of Sunset Hat Company from Holmes Ohio!)  One black vest. You bring the button down shirt in white or any color and the Beard!

For Her . . . really nice caped, Cape comes off and you can chose if you want to wear it. Typical Amish Dresses, in your choice of color and size,  brand new handmade White Apron, matching apron that is made out of the dress material, Brand new White head  covering or Kappa. Directions to help you be authentic. (all the pins and “stuff” you need to get your hair up)  $100 plus $15 shipping





Option 2 : So this is what you get in the  Deluxe Amish Couples Outfit . . .

For Her . . . A ladies dress suit, selected in your color, complete with the cape and apron made for the dress in the same material. A brand new white apron, and a brand new white head covering with strings. Knee Hi’s and instructions for putting your hair up. I have all sizes up to 50 waist. All colors . . . Black,  Purple, blues, gold, burgundy, greens, greys . . . all in light or dark colors. You choose! I will find your dress.

For Him . . . he gets Black straight cut Suit coat , new suspenders, Barn door pants and a brand new hand made Amish straw hat. Instructions on how to dress.

$120  plus $15 shipping


Option 3    SOLD OUT!

Same as Option 2 but includes the travel bonnet for her, it goes over her white Kapp.

$130  Shipping  $16











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