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Amish Womans outfit – You recieve a authentic Amish Pre-owned dress in your size and choice of color. You also get a matching white apron. You get a brand new, handmade, white head covering with strings (kapp) and pins and things to get your hair up and instructions on how to dress Amish. You get a pair of Black Knee Hi’ stockings $49 plus $9 shipping





The Basic Amish Man’s Costume . . .


Barndoor pants,  Brand new straw hat and a pair of suspenders and vest. All you need to go dutch!   $40 Shipping $8 

Deluxe Amish Man’s Outfit . . .

All the above but with the addition of a coat instead of a vest. Absolutley stunning! $55 Shipping $10



I carry a full line of head coverings and veilings


IMG_3060 IMG_3045 IMG_3059 Samples of Veils

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Deluxe Couples Outfit . . .

So this is what you get in the deluxe Outfit . . .

For Her . . . A ladies dress suit, selected in your color, complete with the cape and apron made for the dress. A brand new white apron, and a brand new white head covering with strings. A black travel bonnet that goes over the covering.  Knee Hi’s and instructions for putting your hair up. I have all sizes up to 60 waist. All colors . . . Black, Purple, blues, gold, burgundy, greens, greys . . . all in light or dark colors. You choose! I will find your dress.

For Him . . . Black Suit coat, new suspenders, Barn door pants and a brand new hand made Amish straw hat. Instructions on how to dress

$110  plus $15 shipping


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