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I am on a family vacation until December 6th. You may place an order and email your measurements and it will be filled as soon as I am back. 

Thanks, Brenda Miller




                                           Mrs Brenda Miller



Welcome to the Amish Clothesline, the only place on the internet to select and purchase authentic Amish clothing.  Our items are hand-made and personally chosen by the Amish to be available exclusively here on the Amish Clothesline.  All of the items you see are pre-worn and are in excellent condition.  No stains, holes, tears and wear.   A few of the items are not pre-worn and are brand new, this includes the prayer coverings, bonnets, straw hats, suspenders and knee-high stockings.

Our intent is to not exploit the Amish culture, when you purchase an item from the Amish Clothesline you are personally contributing to an Amish family’s needs and livelihood.

When ordering it is essential you contact us by email with your measurements.  It is essential that you measure yourself and not go by “English” clothing tags, our clothing have no tags!   Each Outfit is as unique and different as the person who made them.

***For men, with a tape measure – measure your head, chest, waist and inseam***

***For women, measure your bust, waist and hips in inches and tell me how tall you are***

We welcome any and all inquiries, if you have a question, feel free to contact us at info@amishclothesline.com

We are available as consultants to those in the publishing, film and stage community for the most authentic Amish attire available.

Thank you!



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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@amishclothesline.com